May 16

What to Look Forward at the 2019 Middle East Games Con.

Get yourself prepared to experience the most magnificent gaming event in the region yet; the Middle East Games Con. It is scheduled to be held from 24th to 26th October 2019. It is the time to put your gaming skills to the ultimate test, win exciting prizes, and meet your favorite celebrity. The latest gaming technologies will be showcased, from the best 2080 Ti GPUs to the next generation of AMD CPUs, you may even get your hands on the games that have not been released, and many more.

Update: The next Middle East Games Con. will be held digitally in 2020 for the first time on 29-31 October. Check back here or the official webiste for more information on this event.

Here is a list of what you should expect in the 2019 Middle East Games Con.

  1. Gaming exhibition.

Keep your eyes wide open for the latest gaming accessories. Be the first to play new unreleased games. And of course, you get to buy your favorite game. Some have limited edition, so watch out.

  1. A lifetime chance to meet the stars.

A unique opportunity to meet YouTube celebrities, click a selfie and brush up your gaming skills from pro-gamers. An extra ticket is required to have access and meet the stars area.

  1. Cosplay

An opportunity of a lifetime for gamers to bring life to their favorite characters with fantastic costumes.

  1. Artist Alley.

For anime fans, this is the place to be. Witness the work of the best talents in the world of anime.

  1. Anime Zone.

Get in-depth with the Japanese culture, fashion, food, and traditional sword fight. Also introducing a Dynamic Samurai Sword Fight, which will be performed by the famous Katanayaichi.

  1. Authentic international products.

This area features over 30 international exhibitors. Find unique products from the Far East.

  1. Entertainment

Stuffed with game-themed entertainment, watch YouTubers and pro-gamers in action.

  1. Innovation gallery.

This is your chance to follow your dreams if you’re into gaming, creating video games, technology, and pop culture.

  1. Indie Developer Zone.

An area where the talents of independent video games developers in the Middle East are showcased.

  1. Educational

A guide to your gaming career. Find the right course to enhance your skills.

  1. Workshop

Learn all about gaming from professionals.

  1. Classic Battles.

A variety of games you can participate and compete.

  1. Fortnight Challenge.

Compete with the best players in the Middle East.

  1. League of Legends Tournament.

Come out victorious and Red Bull player one will take you to Brazil for finals.

  1. Target practice.

Test your shooting skills with replicas of real-life rifle and handguns.

  1. Aoc Fighting Challenge.

Participate in 6 different fighting games at their most challenging levels, and a standalone fight in each game.

  1. Rocket league tournament.

The rocket league tournament will be played two times in a day. Winners get personal headsets.

  1. Table tournament and games.

Geeky lizard brings you a collection of tabletop games and three tournaments. Participate in tabletop tournaments and win exclusive prizes.

  1. Go grand Slam.

Make a name for yourself by competing with the previous winners of PLG grand slam. Also, win a cash prize of $200000.

Whether its games or entertainment you love, Middle East Games Con is the perfect event and place to satiate all your desires. Get your tickets ready to be mesmerized and blown away by the best in the industry.